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The Carreras Group is made up of 1,035 persons that contribute each day to its growth and development. We are aware of the fact that we enjoy and are proud of a success that would not be possible without our great human team.

We are directed at continuously fostering the improvement of the performance of all of us who form this company and, in this sense, we promote a constant motivation offering the best working environment and satisfying the personal and professional expectations and needs of our employees.

In the Carreras Group we think that training is a key factor for the persons to achieve the desired professional development. This is the reason why we implement continuing education programmes, both specific and corporative ones.

The Company offers an interesting Social Benefits Programme that deals both with the existing needs of the organization’s employees and the needs appearing in their family environment.

We are also firmly convinced that Internal Communication plays an essential role in motivating our human team. We want our employees to feel that they can express themselves freely and that their ideas will be listened to and valued. In our organization, Internal Communication is the element of integration that promotes interaction among the different areas of our company.

All this is carried out requesting, appreciating and thanking our staff’s ideas through a Suggestions Box, Internal Service Surveys, Working Environment Surveys, etc. At the same time, relevant data on the organization are made public to the staff, as well as the guidelines and policies to be followed, etc., by means of regular information meetings at all levels of the company.

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